Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Succeed being Estimable

So far in the series weʼve talked about the importance of structure, usefulness, clarity and convenience. If youʼve spent any time focusing on these points while compiling your email marketing campaign and newsletters, youʼre ready to see some results of how youʼve made your material estimable.

The worthy goal of having your work be estimable is, simply put, to create something reputable or honorable.

Try this exercise. Think of some published works (anything in print) and identify whether they are worthy of respect. By way of natural deduction, youʼve probably already identified several that are not as well. Look over your list of those deemed honorable and those not. What separates the two? What identifiers stood out that caused judgement one way or the other? Your answers are your guide.

Let me add to your list of considerations the word charming. At first this may seem odd, perhaps even a bit quaint - a charming newsletter you may ask. But if you truly understand charm you canʼt help but make the association. You see, the simplest definition of charm is bringing out the best in others. And that is what your newsletterʼs end game should be.

Thinking of others and how to bring out the best in them
unlocks potential. It is the catalyst for action; the very
path to making something estimable.
Letʼs put this into a visual example. Picture in your mind a beautiful jewelry box, very ornate and detailed. It taunts you with the possibility of treasures within. You donʼt just want the box, you want whatʼs inside it too. Now think of your newsletter. It is the jewelry box. Youʼve spent a great deal of time creating it, detailing it and filling it with items of value for your recipient. But did you remember to give them a key to open it?

Charm is the key to your box. Thinking of others and how to bring out the best in them unlocks potential. It is the catalyst for action; the very path to making something estimable. It inspires one to reach new heights, to stretch abilities and expound on possibilities for growth.

Forget generals - general audiences, general topics, general mediocrity. Start thinking specifics. Think of individuals, their needs and their potential. This is the way to estimable success.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Succeed being Convenient

In our succeed series thus far, weʼve covered the importance of being structured, useful and clear. Itʼs time to talk about the necessity of being convenient.

Sometimes looking at things backwards is a great way to define what you want. In determining how to make your email marketing convenient, letʼs start with a definition of the opposite; inconvenience.

When you think of the word inconvenience, a pretty clear image comes to mind. But take it one step further by adding these definitive words to your understanding: discomfort, nuisance, bother, trouble, annoy, disturb, harass.

That sounds far too familiar in the world of marketing. Just ask any person whoʼs received a couple solicitation phone calls. Sadly, itʼs far too likely that all of us have personal experience with the concept of being inconvenienced. These are definitely terms and feelings you want to avoid with your marketing. So letʼs look at this from your reader and customerʼs point of view.

To avoid bothering, annoying and harassing your clients, think for a moment on how to flip that. Your goal should be to find ways your message fits in well with a personʼs needs, activities or plans. It should involve little trouble or effort on their part. If youʼve been following the series, youʼre already on the right track because these are the very principles weʼve already discussed. Setting yourself a plan, determining how what you can provide is both useful and clear are the keys to making your message a convenient one. But thatʼs not enough. You must also consider other factors here, like frequency and length.

Dress up that bland dish with some spice!
How often will you be sending your marketing material? You may want to start by asking yourself how often you would want to receive the type of material you are sending. Finding a balance between too little and too much is critical. And what of length? Well, thereʼs an old adage for that: “Your material should be like a womanʼs skirt, long enough to cover the subject but short enough to be interesting.” If you find your content running long, consider breaking it up over several mailings. Another great option for adding variety and cutting down length is to diversify delivery. A simple coupon or thank you discount goes a long way. Think of these tactics as your seasoning in cooking. Dress up that bland dish with some spice!

Empower yourself and your business by taking time to think on making your email marketing a convenient one. A little consideration will do much for your campaign and your clients will appreciate your efforts.

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