Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Email Marketing for This Economy

Today’s economy continues to emphasize a need of high returns for minimal investment. Most marketing avenues available come with a big price tag. We’re happy to provide an alternative that boasts big gains with minimal investment - Email marketing. 

In short, Email marketing is a tool to reach out to your current customer base as well as potentially reach new customers in the form of a newsletter. It’s fast, easy and inexpensive.

Don’t think you have the time? Think again. It’s never been easier. With the help of Email Contact the hardest part is already done for you! No need to worry about formatting, managing emails or making it look great. All you have to do is generate some content and fill in the blanks.

If you’ve had a hard time making time, you’re not alone. Scott of says:
“I've had an account with Email Contact for a couple years now but for a long time I didn't use it as often as I would have liked. As a small business, there are so many things that occupy my time, I probably would only send an email once every 3 or 4 months. I recently started utilizing it more often as I have read studies and talked to other small business owners that have said once a week is the best practice, even if it's just a quick little email with some news or updates about what you have to offer. The idea is that you want to stay fresh on the minds of your customers so if and when they are ready to order something, you stand out in their minds. So now it is my Tuesday night ritual to put together a little email with special offers that vary from week to week and other fun things like drawings, contests and new photo submissions to our wall of fame. Because I have been utilizing Email Contact weekly, I've become much more familiar with how to use it and it has become super easy and user friendly. I would highly recommend this service to any business owner looking to get an edge on their market.” - Scott J.,
Gail, of Woolylady agrees about the importance of keeping your business in front of your customers on a regular basis.
"Email Contact is simply one of the best (and most economical) marketing tools we've found! The newsletter templates are fantastic, the program is very easy to use, and the results are instant and very positive. One of the basic keys to success in the business world is to look professional and keep your name in front of potential customers. It takes us about 15 minutes to write, design and send an e-mail newsletter to thousands of people through Email Contact, and the cost for the service is minimal. What's not to love about that?" - Gail Gilson Pierce, Woolylady
Not only is email marketing a great way to reach customers, it’s also a great way to maintain that customer base you’ve already worked so hard for. You’ve invested a great deal into finding customers, let email marketing help you keep them! Regular contact from you will help customers feel connected and informed with your business. Don’t lose those customers you’ve already invested so much in.

Roseann Kermes shares the many reasons why she uses Email contact:
Rosebud's Cottage
“I've been using email contact for longer than I can remember! I find that my posts go out quickly compared to the service I had been using before. The program is affordable - I don't have to pay extra if I go over an allotted number of posts each month. I also like that I can put my customers in a variety of lists. It lets me communicate with just a class group or my entire list of customers. The templates are fun to use and I always find something that suits my mood. Email Contact has great customer service as well. They are easy to work with when I have something I don't understand and don't talk down to me over speak over my head. I can't imagine using any other service and recommend it to other businesses looking for a good program for communicating with their customers.” - Roseann Kermes, Rosebud's Cottage
Think about it, emails are sent immediately and they can generate results in minutes, making email marketing both effective and inexpensive. Few business tools can offer so much for so little. What are you waiting for?

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