Monday, March 17, 2014

4 Ways to Increase Click-Throughs

Your emails are only valuable if your subscribers eventually click through, either to engage with you or buy from you. That means the links in your emails have a very big job to do. Here are 4 things you can do to make your links more click-worthy.
1. Use the optimal number of links.
Too many links in an email feels pushy, while too few can reduce clicks by not reminding the subscriber what they should do next. The optimal number of links will vary depending on the content and length of the email and your unique subscriber base, but a good rule of thumb is 2 or 3 links per email.
2. Make the links look good.
How you format the links in an email can have a big effect on click-throughs. Raw URLs, especially if they’re long and full of numbers and symbols, are hard to read and don’t inspire confidence. They may be necessary in some instances so your subscribers can copy and paste the URL into their browser, but more often than not, a cleaned-up link will outperform a raw URL.
A couple ways to make your links attractive include:

  • shorten the URL with a service like Tinyurl or (i.e.,
  • create a short redirect URL on your own or with a plugin like Pretty Link (i.e., could redirect to the GoToWebinar sign-up form)
  • make the links underlined and colored so they catch the eye
  • put links on their own lines between paragraphs so they stand out
3. Put links in the best places to attract clicks.
Generally, you want one link near the beginning of the email, so really interested subscribers hooked by your subject line can go straight to the next step. Another link in the middle of the email makes it easy for subscribers who want a little more information before they click. And a link at the end of the email catches more clicks from readers who prefer to read everything before deciding.
Of course, where you put links depends on knowing where the best places are. If you use link services like or Pretty Link, you can track which links get the most clicks, so you’ll know exactly where to put them in your next email.
4. Give subscribers a reason to click.
Finally, make sure your subscribers have a reason to click through. Sometimes the reason is obvious, like a coupon or special offer. Other times might require a little creativity, such as when you want them to fill out a survey or read your latest blog post. Make sure they know exactly what they’ll get when they click.
For the survey example, you might say that it’s simply a short questionnaire that will only take 2 minutes and lead to a better product or experience in the future. These reasons to click build your relationship with the subscriber, make them feel good for helping you, and increase their confidence and trust in you since you value their opinions and want to improve your offering.