Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to Plan Seasonal Email Campaigns

With the holiday season on our doorsteps, it’s time to plan an effective holiday email campaign. Ideally, planning for these campaigns should begin in August and September so you have time to refine them, but planning them now is much better than not planning them at all. Take advantage of the gift-giving nature of the season with these holiday email campaign tips.
Collecting data is the backbone of all good email marketing. Use both last year’s Q4 data and other information you’ve collected throughout the year to help you craft stronger subject lines, more click-worthy calls to action, and more valuable content. Email campaigns informed by data and testing always perform better than trusting a feeling or leaving success to luck.


The biggest aspect of a successful seasonal email promotion is timing. It’s crucial to send the right message to the right subscribers at the right time. Reviewing data, segmenting your list, and understanding the demographics of your customers can help you do this. Also make sure your promotions allow enough time for shipping and in-store visits.


How often you send emails plays a large role in your conversions during the holidays, but be careful not to email too often. Everyone wants that coveted space in the inbox. If you choose to email more frequently, make sure to include a range of emails--not just coupons and promotions. Heart-warming stories and content are particularly applicable this time of year, and they help build relationships and make you stand out from your competition.


If you have multiple autoresponders or email cycles going, consider deactivating them during your holiday promotions to avoid too much overlap in content or frequency.


Keep up the email campaign and various promotions to the last minute to take advantage of Christmas Eve shopping. Some ideas include reducing friction by offering easy gift choices and buying guides, emphasizing urgency with a holiday countdown, promoting accelerated shipping options, and featuring last-minute gift alternatives like gift cards and vouchers.