Thursday, April 19, 2012

Learning to Succeed

Everyone wants to find success in their work. We all strive to have our efforts rewarded. In the industry of marketing, we╩╝ve recently covered several tips and suggestions for achieving success in your email newsletters.

In lesson one, we discussed the need for structure. To hit a target, it must first be seen. Taking time to draw up that target is not unlike creating blueprints for a building. It is a critical first step to see beyond the immediate task to the great picture of how it all works together.

In lesson two, we shared the importance of being useful. This step requires a lot of research and questioning on what you are providing. How that product is unique, useful and of value to those you wish to reach with your newsletter.
Lesson three provided direction on being clear. Clutter is easily accomplished, especially with writing. It is important to take time to clarify and hone in on the message you wish to convey.

In lesson four, we discussed the value of convenience and how important it is to find and maintain a balance between providing meaningful information and keeping things simple.

In lesson five the importance of creating a work worthy of reading was introduced. The word is estimable and the focus was putting the needs and considerations of your readers first to produce a work that is honorable.

Lesson six talked on the need for efficiency. Taking time to work through the material and organize it into manageable sections is critical to providing a work that reflects doing everything the best possible way.

Finally, we reached the wrap up element of being definitive. When all the other steps are included, creating a work that is complete comes into focus. The key is to create something beyond the ordinary through work and effort.

And now we see the results:

S - Structured
U - Useful
C - Clear 
E - Estimable
E - Efficient

Seven steps to help you succeed.